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Calumet Farms Single Rack Black Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled as the extreme small batch (19 barrels), Calumet Farms single rack black 10 year old bourbon, selects a specific center cut rack.  Each chosen rack of charred white oak barrels provides the optimum level of temperature and humidity shifts, ensuring the best balance of flavor.  The result of this bourbon craftsmanship is a bold, vigorous, and luxurious Kentucky bourbon whiskey.  

Aged for 10 years, distilled in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Each bottle has a custom label with a specific rack location and number of barrels in the bottling.

Tasting Notes:

color: rich, deep leather

nose: notes of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch

taste: abundantly textured with bursts of tasted honey and oak

finish: a long, lively and captivating finish revealing all flavors

92  proof, 46% ABV

You can find it proudly displayed behind the bar, we hope to see you soon!



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